Welcome to Elsinore Municipal Libraries

Libraries are for everyone and using the Library is free, but there are charges for certain services such as photocopying.

Due to the Government shutdown concerning Covid-19, the last opening day at the Elsinore Municipal Libraries this year is Tuesday December 8.

You do not have to pay any penalty fees in the closing period.

When will the Library open again?

So far, we are closed until Monday, April 21. 2021

Remember to check www.helsbib.dk regularly for updates on which library services will be available during the shutdown. 

Frequently asked questions concerning the closing of the Libraries

Do I have to pay a penalty fee when the library opens again?

No. When the libraries reopen, you will have at least seven days to return your books, possibly more – more information on this will follow.

Do you need help with the digital library

The digital library is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. In case of any questions or problems, a librarian is available for help weekdays at 10-17, Saturday 10-16, Sunday 11-16.
Contact our phone +45 49 28 36 20
Email to skrhb@helsbib.dk 

Register as a Library user

Register as a Library user with NemID on our website.

Order your books and items on our website and collect them at the Library

From Wednesday December 16., you can collect your ordered books and other items at your local library. The materials must be preordered and it will not be possible to return any previously borrowed books and other items. All ordered items will still be available for pick-up when the Library reopens in 2021.

This is  how you collect your ordered books and other items

Enter our website www.helsbib.dk. Locate your books, movies or other items and make a reservation. When your items are ready to be collected, you will receive an email and text message with a reservations number – as usual. 

When you collect your items at the designated Library, you hand in your yellow Health Insurance Certificate or your library card and the staff will find your order and hand it over to you, while you remain outside the Library.

Remember your yellow Health Insurance Certificate when you collect your materials

Remember to bring your yellow Health Insurance Certificate or library card and wear a face mask or visor. There is no entry to the library.

Collect your reservations

Follow our signs located on the library door:

  • The Culture Yard Library: Monday - Friday between kl. 13-17 at Røde Plads
  • Espergærde Library: Monday - Friday between 13-17 at the library's back door to Irma.
  • Hornbæk Library: Mondays and Thursdays at 13-17 at the back door of the library.
  • Bølgens Biblioteksservice: Collect your order at The Culture Yard Library on Monday - Friday at 13-17 at Røde Plads.

It is not possible to collect your reservations at the weekend. Closed at Easter April 1. - 5. 

Can I lock myself into the Library at self-serving time?

No, all libraries are closed.

At the Library you can borrow

  • books and eBooks
  • movies
  • music cd's
  • magazines
  • audio books (both on cd's and on the net)
  • games

eReolen Global

Here you can borrow free e-books and online audio books in English. There is also books for children and young adults: eReolen Global

Have a nice time

There are materials for both children and adults. You also have free access many databases. You are always welcome to come and relax, read the paper and enjoy a cup of coffee. 

Helpful staff

If you need help, or you have trouble finding something, ask our friendly staff.

Find us

No matter where you are in Elsinore, there is always a Library close by. The Culture Yard Library is nominated as one of the 1001 Libraries in the world you should see before you die! There are also libraries in Espergærde and Hornbæk.

See the parking map of the municipality here as a PDF.

Opening hours

Find the opening hours for the Libraries in Elsinore here.