Welcome to Elsinore Municipal Libraries

Libraries are for everyone and using the Library is free, but there are charges for certain services such as photocopying.

You no longer need to have a Corona passport or wear a face mask at the library.

Our printers are avaliable for printing and copying. Students are welcomed back, along with their study groups and the newspapers are ready with the news of the day. The libraries are almost back to normal, barring a few exceptions.

Services that are unavailable at the library at this time

1. Playing with the toys in the children’s section

Special offer: eReolen Global

Here you can borrow free e-books and online audio books in English. There is also books for children and young adults: eReolen Global

Have a nice time

There are materials for both children and adults. You also have free access many databases. You are always welcome to come and relax, read the paper and enjoy a cup of coffee. 

Helpful staff

If you need help, or you have trouble finding something, ask our friendly staff.

Find us

No matter where you are in Elsinore, there is always a library close by. The Culture Yard Library is nominated as one of the 1001 Libraries in the world you should see before you die! There are also libraries in Espergærde and Hornbæk.

See the parking map of the municipality here as a PDF.

Opening hours

Find the opening hours for the Libraries in Elsinore here.