Books, newspapers, films, music in many languages

The libraries in Elsinore shire also offer services for you who speak a language other than Danish

Books in many languages

At the Culture Yard Library, you can find books in other languages than Danish:

  • Arabic
  • Kurdish
  • Norwegian
  • Serbian
  • Croatian
  • Turkish

Other than these, the library also has books in English, French, Italian, Persian, Spanish, Swedish and German.

Not able to find books in your language?

If we don't have anything in your language, or you would like some literature we haven't got on the bookshelf, please ask the librarian. We have a catalogue of books, movies and music in Arabic, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Persian, Russian, Turkish and Urdu and we can acquire other materials from other libraries or from the Library Centre for Integration. You can also order books in different languages on

Newspapers in many languages

The library have access to the news database Press Reader. You can read approx. 4.000 newspapers and journals in 60 languages from all over the world. You will often find that the news appears in the Press Reader before the printed newspaper is available. In addition, the library subscribes to a few newspapers in some languages. You have to be registered at the Library before you can sign in on Press Reader.

eReolen Global

Here you can borrow free e-books and online audio books in English. There is also books for children and young adults: eReolen Global

Learn Danish

The library has several offers for those who wish to learn Danish. We have a wide array of language courses as both books and cd's. We also have novels for adults that are adapted so they are easier to read - ask the librarian to help you find what you need.