Borrowing rules

To borrow any material, you need to be a registered user in the library.

Read here about how to join, the borrowing rules regarding loan periods, how to return your loans and fines for late return of material. A special card is available for institutions and schools, with particular advantages.


To join the library, you need to meet up in person. Bring with you some form of identity documentation such as your health card, your driver's license, your passport or your birth certificate. After registering, you can use your health card together with a 4-digit code of your own choice, as a library card. Children under 18 years can be issued a library loan card. Adults over 18, are not permitted to use a children's library card to borrow adult material. Read more about How to register.


With your PIN, you can quickly and easily borrow, renew and order material from our website or from the library directly. If you should happen to forget your PIN, you can be issued a new one, by phoning the library. It will be sent to you either by email or by text message. If you come to the library in person to order a new PIN, remember to bring photo ID with you. 

Register your email address

To become a user at the library, you must inform us of you current email address, unless you are temporarily or permanently exempt from the electronic mail system. The library sends fines to your electronic mail box. Emails or text messages will be used to send information regarding recall and reservation of material, as reminders three days before the due date.

You are responsible

Every time you wish to borrow material, you must have your loan or health card with you. The card is personal - for your use only - and you are responsible for the material borrowed on the card.


The library does not automatically receive information about changes of address, so please remember to inform the library staff, if you should change your address or other contact info. You can change your email address, your mobile number and your PIN on your own page when you have logged in.

Borrowing period

The usual borrowing period is 31 days. You can see the length of time you may keep the material you have borrowed on your receipt. Read more about lending periods.

Returning borrowed material

You will find the due date of your borrowed material on your receipt. When you return the material, you will also receive a receipt. This is your documentation for the return of the borrowed material. You can see a list of your current loans, orders and reservations by logging in here on the library's website. A fine will be imposed if you should return the borrowed material after the due date. Read more about how much the fine will be, in Fines for overdue materials. You can pay your fine over the net.


If the material you have borrowed becomes damaged or lost, you are liable to pay for the replacement of them. If the material you have lost should reappear, undamaged, within 3 months, the replacement fee will be refunded to you, if you can present the receipt for the fee. 

Responsibility Exclusion and expulsion

The library is not responsible for damage occurring in connection with using material borrowed from the library with your own equipment at home.
You can be excluded from borrowing material the library if:

  • you owe 250 kr. or more in fines
  • borrowed material repeatedly is not returned
  • the material you have borrowed is returned in damaged condition

Overdue fines can be sent to debt collectors, see: the Act referring to recovery of debts to the state. When the entire amount owed is paid in full and at once, then you can begin to borrow material again. How to pay your fines on-line. You will be informed in advance if you should lose the right to borrow material. We will send you a message informing you 8 days before you actually lose the right to borrow. You will receive a message in your e-box or by ordinary mail, if you are exempt for receiving digital mail. When you have paid the due amount in full, then you can resume your borrowing activity.

Privacy Act

The library complies with the provisions of the Act concerning the processing of personal data.