Espergærde Library

Welcome to the second biggest library in Elsinore Shire with departments for children, young people and adults.

How to get here

There is ample parking space in front of the library. Espergærde train station is right next to the library and busses run right to the door. The library has no stairs and is easily accessible for disabled.

Contact us

Phone: 49 28 26 30

Opening hours

We are open every day except holidays, Easter Saturday and Sunday, 1st May after 12 o'clock, Constitution Day, 24th December and 31st December.

If you need assistance from the staff, please use the library at these times:

Monday:  10 - 18
Tuesday: 10 - 17
Wednesday: 10 - 17
Thursday: 10 - 17
Friday:  10 – 17
Saturday: 10 - 14

Large children’s art exhibition

Every autumn all the children's institutions in Elsinore organize a large exhibition of children's art. This is an example of the close cooperation there is between the library and the schools and children's institutions in the local area concerning exhibitions, activities and projects. Children's institutions are also welcome to arrange exhibitions all through the year. The library has an extensive co-operation with Espergærde area's arts and crafts associations and an active exhibition activity of work from professionals and amateurs.

Wireless network

At the library, you can use the internet with your pc, tablet or smartphone free.

Artistic decoration

Espergærde Library is surrounded by and filled with a number of significant art works. The most noticeable of these is Kasper Heiberg´s sculpture from 1983, which the library’s neighbors named ”The Book Worm”. The sculpture is set up along the library's front toward the road and is in three parts.

In the library courtyard there is a sculpture of Gunnar Westman -”Thor on a fishing trip with the Midgard serpent”. This was donated to the library in connection with the inauguration in 1982.

In 1990, Ursula Munch-Petersen and Erik Hagens created a wall decoration for the children's department in enameled metallic tiles effectively broken by rustic ceramic tiles.

Music practice room and audio newspapers

Espergærde Library houses the audio communal newspapers and a music practice room.


Our cvr number is 64502018.


Registering is free. In order to register, you must show valid identification - i.e. health insurance card, driver’s license, passport or birth- or name certificate. Your registration is valid in all the libraries of the municipality.

Personal data

Your personal data is safe with us. Danish libraries delete the registration of your loans when you return them. None of your personal data is registered using the computers at the library - you just have to restart the computer and everything is deleted.

Health insurance card

The health insurance card is subsequently used when borrowing library materials

Library card

If you don’t have a Danish health insurance card, or if you are below the age of 16, we can issue a special library card. Nobody above the age of 16 is allowed to use children’s library cards for the loan of adult materials.


Upon registration, you choose a four digit PIN that is used when borrowing library materials and logging onto this website.

Institutions and associations

Institutions and associations can get a library card and borrow according to special rules.


The library card is for your use only. You are responsible for what is borrowed on the card.

Lost card

If you lose your library card, you can get a new card free of charge.

Change of address

In the event of you moving - please remember to inform us of your new address.