RB Digital Magazines

Would you like to read the latest number of Elle, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Country Living or Rolling Stone? Or maybe another magazine?

You can read any of these magazines through RB Digital Magazines – a website with some of the largest magazines about anything from fashion, cars, sport, travel, music, interior decorating, fitness through to photography.

You have to live in Elsinore

If you are a resident of Elsinore, you have access to the latest issues of 434 different magazines, which you are welcome to read on your pc, your tablet or your mobile phone. You can download as many as you like. All you need to do is be a resident of Elsinore Shire, have a library card and a pin number to the library.

How to use RB Digital Magazines

You need to create two accounts- one is the RB Digital Magazines library account, which you use to check out the magazines from the library package. The other one is a ”RB Digital Magazines account”, which you use when downloading or streaming with mobile apps to read the magazines.


We recommend that you read and follow the instructions below.