Fines for overdue material

For materials borrowed on the same date the total fee is:
Days overdue Adults Children
1 - 10 days overdue 20 kr. 0 kr.
11 - 20 days overdue 120 kr. 10 kr.
21 - 30 days overdue 120 kr. 20 kr. 
31 days overdue and upwards 230 kr. 100 kr.

Fees of 250 DKK or more

You lose the right to borrow from the library if you owe a fee of 250 DKK or more. We inform you by mail, e-mail or text message eight days before you lose the right to borrow. When the full amount has been paid in one payment, you may start borrowing again.

Collection of fees

The library is entitled to make collection on its fee, if your debt is 250 DKK or more. If, after having received a bill, you still don’t return or pay for the borrowed material as well as any fees, the Collection Office of the Municipality of Elsinore will see to the collection.