Come visit the childrens libraries!

Families and children at Helsingør Municipality Libraries

Information about the childrens libraries at Kulturværftet, Espergærde and Hornbæk Library.

Bring your children to the library

Families and children are an essential part of our guests, and we welcome you to use our space!

The library can be a place to play and explore, as well as a place to read and learn. You are always welcome to ask the librarian for book recommendations or help with navigating the children’s library.


The children’s library takes up the entire first floor. We have books for all age groups, as well as a small selection of non-danish books (Ukranian, Russian, English, and Arabic, among others).  

In “Hulen” you can relax and read a book together, and in “Værkstedet” you are welcome to eat if you brought lunch from home.

Sprogrummet is a room dedicated to the youngest children (about 0-4 years). The room seeks to develop language skills through play, while exploring a new theme every few months. The current theme is “Alfon's Birthday party”.

Legerummet is a room for schoolchildren (about 6-12 years). This room explores different themes, through play, games and books. At the moment the theme is “Detectives and Riddles”.

Espergærde Library and Hornbæk Library

The local libraries in Espergærde and Hornbæk also each have a childrens area, with room to to play and lots of books to borrow!

The children can play with board games and puzzles or draw. At Espergærde Library, there is a play area for different themes, with corresponding playthings and books.

Playing with "nature" in Sprogrummet



Nord 2017


The libraries host events for children and families such as concerts, theater, workshops and more.

Most of the events are during school vacations, but check out the current events here.