The Culture Yard Library

man, 16-04-2018 13:27

Welcome! We are the largest library in Elsinore municipality.

We have over 1000 visitors every day – most of whom come to  use the library, but many come to experience a living culture center.

Come by and check us out

Come and visit – even if you're not into books. We have wireless internet, games, music and pc's – all free. We have free access to the large databases, Filmstriben (online films), eReolen og eReolen Global (online ebooks and audiobooks - also in english). Not to mention the amazing view!

Opening hours

Monday: 08 - 19
Tuesday: 08 - 20
Wednesday: 08 - 19
Thursday: 08 - 19
Friday:  08 – 19
Saturday: 10 - 16
Sunday: 11 - 16

We are open all days except holidays, Easter saturday and sunday, 1st May after 12 o'clock, Constitution Day, 24th December and 31st December. 

Offers in other languages

Books, films, music - read more about our offers i other languages.


Phone number: 49 28 36 20

Getting here

- See the parking map of the municipality

- There are 2 parking spaces for disabled in the yard of The Culture Yard

- Busses stop at Allegade, just in front of the library

- It takes 10 minutes to walk from Elsinore train station to The Culture Yard.

Wireless network

At the library, you can use the internet with your pc, tablet or smartphone for free.